AQConnect Main Features

AQConnect enables Auto‑Quote Windows users to efficiently load images to new and existing estimates from any location at any time. In addition, tradesmen are able to clock labour times against any job in progress.

Auto-Quote Integration

Add images and clock times against jobs from your mobile device directly to Auto‑Quote.

Estimate Images

Use the built-in camera to take and send images directly to Auto‑Quote from anywhere.

Time Clock

Clock labour times against each job.

Torch Function

Use the built-in torch function while you inspect each vehicle.


Assigning images and clocking on and off jobs could not be easier.

AQConnect App Login

Sign In

Sign in using your details and tradesman code provided.
AQConnect App Dashboard


From the dashboard you can access the estimates, your jobs and other features.

AQConnect App Torch


Use the built-in torch while you inspect a vehicle.

AQConnect App Settings


The settings screen allows you to customise the app and log out.


View and edit all your estimate details and upload new images.

Estimate List

Estimates in progress are listed showing the vehicle name, the registration, estimate and job numbers.

The Archive link lists all estimates which have been completed and archived.

Tap on each estimate to view and edit its details.

Add an estimate by tapping the + icon in the top-right corner.

AQConnect App Estimates List
AQConnect App Add Estimate

Add Estimate

Toggle on/off to add a new or an existing estimate. For an existing estimate, the estimate number is required. All the other fields are optional.

Tap on Done to close the screen and go back to the estimate list.

Tap on Camera icon to open the camera on your device and take photos of the vehicle.

Once you have added images to the estimate, you can tap on Send Estimate to upload them to the Auto-Quote System.

Estimate Images

Once you have added images to an estimate, they appear as a slider under the estimate details. Swipe left and right to preview the images or tap on them to open them.

The Camera screen lets you swap between the front and back camera on your device and choose to activate the flash.

To delete multiple images from the camera roll, tap on Select and tap on each image preview, and the Delete icon becomes active.

AQConnect App Edit Estimate
AQConnect App Estimate Camera
AQConnect App Estimate Photos


Accurately time your operations down to the second
AQConnect App Jobs List

Jobs List

Jobs are listed in the following colours: New Jobs, Jobs in Progress and Paused Jobs.

Add a job by tapping the + icon in the top-right corner.

AQConnect App Add Job

Add a Job

The job number is required to add a new job. All other fields are optional

Tap on Done to close the screen and go back to the jobs list

AQConnect App Job Progress

Time Clock

To clock your labour time against a job select the job from the list and select Start/Stop to activate or deactivate the timer.

When the job is completed, tap FINISH JOB to archive it.

AQConnect App Job Paused

Pause a Job

Tap STOP when you stop working on a job. The timer stops and the job is set as Paused.

You can add additional time to a paused job at any time

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