Our Partners

We are extremely proud to be associated with many major players, from both the Smash Repair Industry and also the IT Industry. 


Our affiliation with Moneyworks is an integral part of the total Auto-Quote package. We use Moneyworks to run the entire Accounting process. Cognito, the New Zealand company who owns Moneyworks, releases Program Upgrades on a regular basis, and is always at the forefront of new innovations.

To learn more about Moneyworks go to the www.cognito.co.nz website.

Lightning Payroll

Auto-Quote Queensland is an authorised reseller of the Lightning Payroll Program. We also provide a service to changeover Data from your old Payroll Program to this product.

If you would like more information please visit www.lightningpayroll.com.au, or give us a call on 3268 4699.


We have had a long association with the MTAQ, including respresentation on the NACA committee for many years. The MTAQ has grown in the last few years with strong membership and improvements that have seen many benefits for its members. The new state of the art facilities at Eight Mile Plains include Classroom Training, Workshop Training, and Meeting and Function Rooms.

If you are not currently a member, you should be, as this is one industry specific body who is working for all repairers. For more information about the MTAQ go to the www.mtaq.com.au website.


ESET is a very well known and world renowned security company often towering over such competitor companies as Symantec, AVG and Kaspersky in an overall global poll of best computing security systems. ESET has worked with our Auto-Quote Queensland technical department to ensure both Auto-Quote and all Auto-Quote products work seamlessly with their security software.

To find out more visit www.eset.com.au.


Webtrim also provides other solutions to many other aspects of running your business. If offers Benchmarking, Job Scheduling, Wages Incentives and Contractor Management. It works together with your Auto-Quote Software and provides additional benefits.

To find out more log onto their website, www.webtrim.com.au


Stelvio is a collision repair software vendor who supply software that integrates with Auto-Quote to ensure you are completely connected to the industry with the most up to date technology. Stelvio has a software product called EstImage which allows you to communicate with insurance companies using an internet connection, speeding up quote requests, authorities and invoicing.

To find out more visit www.estimage.com for more information.